Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Day

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that every year I get together with my two bestest (I know that really isn’t a word…) friends who I’ve been friends with over 30 years and we do Gingerbread Houses. We started out taking a class together and decided that we should do it every year. My daughter was a toddler when we started and she is now 36 years old. We used to bake our own gingerbread and put the houses together and then decorate. I could never get my walls square and went to making a chocolate house from the candy melts and a mold. I think then we all started just buying the houses and decorating them together. Between the three of us we had 8 kids. They all loved decorating their houses. Well now all of our kids are grown up and our grandkids are now decorating houses. Pamm Reed joined us and made a house for the first time. I totally didn’t get a photo of her with her house. You can see her working away in the video.

Here is a quick Facebook video of what it looks like.


These are my BFF’s. Cindy and Audrey (Audrey is Cindy’s 3 year old granddaughter) on the far left, Lynne is in the middle and I’m on the right.

This is Jocelyn with her finished house.

Such concentration.

Here is Anthony with his Train. He revised the landscape several times.

I love that he put one of his Lego people in the train.

Here is Gianna with her finished house. She did those trees all by herself using a sugar cone, green frosting and a star tip.

This is Audrey. You will note that she has a “milk” carton house. This is how all the kids started. You just cut off the bottom and put a door and a window in. Load it up with Royal Icing and then let them put all the candy they want on. This was Audrey’s first time decorating. She did a fabulous job. Its so funny my grandkids did not like/want to do the milk carton house. They wanted the real deal with their own bag of icing.

This is the front of Lynne’s house.

Cindy was putting together little graham cracker houses. I will have more on this later. We make them into ornaments. I hope you enjoyed our day with us. We always have so much fun.



  1. What a great tradition and how fun!!!

  2. Kudos to everyone! These are fabulous! I think the “pre-fab” house is a very smart idea—because the fun is in the decorating! What a great tradition!

    • cindeewilkinson

      Thanks Marie! Yes, I agree. For the first time I even used hot glue to put my house together. So much easier.

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