Sunshine and Blue Skies

I’m not sharing anything creative today….

We have been sheltering in place now for 4 1/2 days. Our kids and grandkids are safe and having no problems. In fact today is our grandson’s 11th birthday. I feel bad we can’t be together to celebrate. But on the grand scheme of things, I should just let it go and we will celebrate when things settle down.

My husband and I celebrated 42 years of marriage on Wednesday. We cooked a roast and that was our Anniversary dinner, and my husband sent me flowers.

Exercise, what are you doing to stay active? My gym partner and I decided that we would take a walk, and you know what? Its been great. We got off to a rocky start because of the weather, but we are back on track right now. Yesterday we walked by my house and today we walked by her house. I took these photos today on our walk. The sky was blue and sun was shining. Yes it was about 45 degrees when we started, but we warmed up pretty good getting to this ridge on the trail.  I think we are getting more cardio and exercising for an hour and going over 3 miles. I was on an 8 week, 5 days a week streak. Almost every week day I was walking over 10,000 steps and completing all the circles on my Apple Watch.

Something you might not know about me…..I have Fibromyalgia. I’m one of the lucky ones that with medication I’m pretty good. But if I don’t move, I just don’t feel good. I wasn’t being very consistent going to the gym until I got my Apple Watch. I know it sounds silly, but it keeps me moving. Its like I am in competition with myself. So do whatever you need to do stay active, especially in these uncertain times.

I pray everyone stays Coronavirus FREE and safe.


  1. Great job. Thanks for sharing some sun!

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