Decorations From CentreStage & OnStage, Made into Cards, Who Knew?

Onstage 2019

The theme this year at OnStage is Celebrations, personal and professional. They had the most beautiful table decoration & grid paper. I usually don’t keep my grid paper, but these papers were so beautiful I decided to bring them home with me and make some cards with them. So while I wait for my  Product Purchase Premiere, which I call my pre-pre order, I thought I better make these cards now, because once I get…

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OnStage Local, Portland

I returned home last night from OnStage. I also attended CentreStage which is for anyone who is Silver Elite or above.  This was my first time.  (And yes, my hair was so frizzy). CenterStage is a catered dinner (which was yummy), gifts and a chance to mingle with all the leaders. We also received our bag with another stamp set, some super cute pins that we could trade with each other and all the ribbons…

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Onstage Highlights and Lots of Updates

This is what Stampin’ Up! is all about. If you’d like to be a part of this amazing Company, let me know. We had an amazing time at OnStage in Orlando Florida last week. Its so much fun to see all your online friends in person. And to meet those who you’ve never met before. Stampin’ Up! has some amazing (I know, I’ve used that word too many times, but its what comes to me…

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