Goody Trays

This is what my trays look like when I finished putting them all together. I wish I would have taken a photo before I put them in the cello bags with a bow.  I make fresh wreaths to give away too.  This is the one I made for our front porch. It was huge. The others I make are much smaller. Since we have a screen door on our front door, I put ours as you are walking up to the door. My adopted Mom, Carol hangs hers in her kitchen and leaves it up for a couple of months. I give her a small goody tray, and tell her I will refill it if we have any cookies and candy left. My Other friend/neighbor told me that because of me, she will have to run a couple more miles everyday. I think she runs about 5 miles a day. I’ve been making these goody trays and wreaths for probably over 10 years. Since my daughter has been married (3 1/2 years) we make our goodies together and she gives them to family and friends too.  Its a tradition now, every year we go shopping before the crack of dawn (this year we were in line at Kohl’s at 3:45am), (yes you read that right) the day after Thanksgiving, and make our goody trays together. My Mom and I use to do the same thing. I was really glad my daughter wanted to keep this going, as we lost my Mom five years ago to ovarian cancer. My Mom is also the one who bought me the wreath maker.  She always supported my sister and I (no matter what craft we were doing at the time) and gave us some great crafting tools.

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  1. I lost my Mom five years ago to ovarian cancer too and it is important that I keep certain traditions going even though my kids never got the chance to meet my mother.

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