Mother’s Day gift

We took my MIL to dinner on Sunday for Mother’s Day as we will be in Las Vegas, Yeah! These are her gifts. In the bag, I went through all my cards and packaged them up for her. Came up with 35 cards. She sends out cards to everyone, so she loved having all those hand made cards. Then I made her the Purse Photo album with pictures of her and my FIL who will be gone for 8 years on Memorial Day. She couldn’t wait to take that one to Bingo on Monday night. And finally the Bloomin’ Beautiful Portfolio. She told me those cards are for “her special” friends. So we had a great dinner and she loved her gifts. She told me she saves all of the cards I have made for her in the past. Warmed my heart.

Bathroom re-do

It’s been a while since I posted. We are in the middle of re-doing our upstairs bathroom and so I have been painting and cleaning. We haven’t used this bathroom since our kids moved out 3 years ago, so it needs some major work. The linoleum and new sinks have been ordered and this week-end my husband is going to paint the cabinet. We’ve lived in our house now 18 years so its time to redo the upstairs. We remodeled downstairs a couple of years ago. I’m so lucky my husband can do just about anything. He is a Electrical Contractor by trade, but after so many years of abusing his arms, he just can’t do that on a regular basis.  So after the cabinet is painted he will put back up the mirrors and change the light fixtures. The bath tub and toilet are in one room and the double sinks are in the other room.  The linoleum should be in the following week and the sinks will be here about the 21st of May.

My Sister, Brother-in-law, and 2 nieces will be visiting us in June, so we really needed to get this bathroom in working order.  Both of my nieces are teenagers so they really need their own bathroom, you know how girl’s are…….I can’t wait to see them all. 
I have many birthday, anniversary, and thank you cards I need to make up so hopefully this week-end I will be able to post some stampin’ cards for you to view.
I almost forgot; you know that swap tote I made for Patty Bennett last month, well she posted it on her blog, Yipee! She made my day.  Thanks Patty.
Have a great week-end everyone!

Carousel Notes Tote

These are the 2 prizes I won. Patty made the clip with the note holder and the Carousel Purse was made by Lene’e Pearson. She also did a presentation and showed us how easy these purses are to make. I’m seeing another class……..

Patty also had some great tips for taking photos.  I am happy to say that I did get out the book for my camera (I’ve only had my camera for almost 2 years) and with what Patty mentioned I am using the macro  & portrait settings on my camera and getting much closer shots now.
I am truly thankful that because of my stampin’ buddy Lynne M. I was able to attend Patty’s meeting. She is awesome.  Her meeting was full of info about convention (crossing my fingers and toes hoping I will be attending), business tips, great projects and so much more. I know these meetings require a lot of prep time and I do appreciate all her hard work.