Look what I got in the mail last week. Pam Downs from Controlfreakswappers sent me this gift for the tea bag card I gave everyone who met at convention. This is similar to the ones I made, but she put  4,  3 x 3 note cards and envelopes in hers and also put the whole thing in a cellophane bag. Mine I put candy in a small cellophane bag and stuck it inside the envelope. I like her version much better. She even attached a small card to the outside. If you click on the photo, you can see that she used Crystal Effects on the card with the cherries and a little glitter on the strawberry. So cool! Thanks so much Pam, you made my day.


Ok, so finally you really can leave comments on my blog. When my DH tried to help me with this a couple of weeks ago, we still thought you couldn’t leave comments. Then, much to my surprise I saw I had 2 people leave me comments. Thanks Connie Babbert and Shona Watson. I really wish I got all this computer stuff. Just when I think I do, something happens and I don’t.


I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy purging my craft room. I have way too much stuff. Don’t tell my husband……..Anyway I have 3 swaps that I signed up for, what was I thinking? That’s almost 100 card fronts. Well here is my first swap for the new catalog for the Controlfreakswappers. I am using Flight of the Butterfly, and the new “In Colors”, Kiwi Kiss, Pacific Point & Baja Breeze.