Ice Cream Cards

These Ice Cream Cards are all the rage right now, so of course I had to make a couple. So easy and cute to top it off. I first saw these on Patty Bennett’s blog (of course, she does the best stuff).  And now I have seen them on several other blogs. On someone’s blog they used the Tart & Tangy strawberry and made it a chocolate covered strawberry. I thought how clever is that. In my next life I want to be one of those people who thinks up this stuff……..Anyway by using Crystal Effects on just the chocolate part it makes it stand out and really looked like its dipped.

graduation Cards

Here is another graduation card. On the inside there is a pocket where you can add a gift card.

Graduation Cards

Ok, so now you probably know that my Stampin’ Buddy Lynne and I get together every Tuesday afternoon for  a couple of hours of stamping. So we got on a roll with gift card cards for graduation. This was the last card we made. I really don’t like the color combo, but Lynne said, “Oh just do it”. So I finished the card, but I don’t like it. I don’t like the way it closes because the card is too stiff with all those layers, I don’t like the colors, (I’m more of a pastel kind of gal) and I just don’t like it.