UpperCase Living

My husband many years ago started calling my crafts, “Cincraft” for Cindee’s Crafts. So I thought it only fitting to have a sign with my Craft Name in my Fabulous Craft Room. ( I will post photos of my room soon, need to do some cleaning up).

I was able to custom design my expression thru Lynne Marini at UpperCase Living. You then need an ID# which is 487562, Token: marini. Check out their web site.  I have several of the UpperCase Living expressions up in my home now. They are easy to put up and easy to take down. They even work on textured walls, which all of my walls are. I also have made my website into a expression and have it on the back window of my car. Free advertising, Yeah! And I forgot to mention, these are very inexpensive, and you can get them in 30 colors and many fonts.

Jeremy after hair cut

Here is Jeremy and Cassie after their hair cuts. We keep them short. Cocker Spaniels are suppose to have long “skirts”, but unless you brush them every day or they are show dogs, why go to all the trouble and they really are much happier with less hair.

This is Jeremy. He will be 9 years old next month. We adopted him when he was 4. We think he was a show dog that just didn’t quite make it. 

I forgot to take his picture before his hair cut, so this is after. He is chocolate all over. His fur is very thick and soft.