Decor Elements

I put up my Decor Elements this week-end. Love them, but I am in need of a couple more before I can take photos to share. My pre-order still hasn’t been picked yet, so I’m hoping that I will get them this week. I ended up putting my “Create” on one of my mirrored closet doors in my craft room. As soon as you enter you see it. I just need something on the other door. I ordered the Manhatten flowers to go opposite of the Create. I then put the “Long Stem Silhouette” in chocolate in my kitchen nook. I decided I needed another large one on the other wall framing the nook and 2 smaller ones in between the windows. My DH even agreed. yeah! I just have a valence up on the window so there is plenty of room for the smaller ones. (I hope).

Scrapbook pages

I haven’t posted in a while as I have been busy scrapbooking all the photos my Niece, Emily took while visiting us here in California from Ohio. She takes such GREAT photos. We went to the fair and these are the photos of my granddaughter’s, Jocelyn and Gianna. Jocelyn just was having a ball. Sheer joy on her face as she was riding the merry go round and the car. Gianna not so much, but she is only 1 1/2 years old so next year will be better for her. You can click on each picture to get a better look at the flowers. I wanted the page that says Fair on the left, but thats not how it ended up.

I will post a few new pages each day. I think so far I did 17 pages. Now I just need to get them into a photo album. I haven’t scrapbooked in so long I was way over due. The flowers on these 2 pages I cased from Connie Babbitt. I used the scallop punch and slit each scallop, then folded in half and sponged in the center, added a 3/4 punched circle, sponged (of course). The leaves are folded c/s run through my paper crimper and then I free had cut the leaves. This is probably the only thing I can free hand. Oh, and then I sponged each leave.