Good morning everyone,

I know I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, and I should have done this earlier.

I’ve been having some sleep issues. When I can’t get to sleep until 1-2am if totally messes up the next day. Also my Fibromyalgia has flared up, I almost forgot the tennis elbow. I have to die cut using my left hand. So with that being said, I had to cut out a lot of things I was doing. Mainly my blog. It was giving me such anxiety that I won’t be posting any longer. I am taking a step back from stamping.  I am feeling burned out and just need a break. I think with the pandemic, not being able to meet with my customers has also affected me. Zoom is great, but just not the same. I’ve been doing some other things like sewing, home decor that has been making me feel better.  I don’t feel any pressure or have any deadlines to worry about.

On a happier note, I just got my first vaccine on Friday. My husband has had his two shots. I know I will feel better when I get the next shot in a couple of weeks, just knowing that we are protected from  Covid19.

I will be sending out new catalogs (2021-2022 Annual Catalog) to everyone who has shopped with me in the last 6 months. We will be able to pre-order first part of April. As soon as I get the catalogs I will get them shipped out to you, probably around the 15th.

So I hope you understand that I need to take care of me with no pressure or expectations.

Thank you for checking up on me.


  1. Cindee,
    So sorry to see you go but I totally understand it. I’m a demo and not feeling it lately either. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy crafting for yourself. You are very talented. Best of luck!

  2. cindeewilkinson

    Thanks so much Gerri for posting a comment. Maybe we will get our mojo back when we see the new catalog.

  3. I will miss your wonderful cards and ideas. You do inspire! I also stopped doing my blog a few years ago because it felt like a job and I wanted my stamping to be fun. I have a small group of customers that are also friends now and I send them pictures and ideas with occasional emails and small get togethers. I hope down sizing will work for you because your talent is worth it.

    • cindeewilkinson

      Thank you so much Barbara. Makes me so happy that I inspire you. I hope downsizing helps too.

  4. I am so glad to see a post on your blog that you have made a decision to take care of YOU!! That is the most important thing of all! If nothing else, this pandemic has put in respective WHAT THINGS are most IMPORTANT to each of us. For me, it was my husband & family. I sure do miss visiting with the kids & grandkids & hope that we can do that soon. Take care & hope things get better for you.

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